About Lee

Lee H. Baucom is a best-selling author, coach, speaker, and the world’s first thriveologist (he coined the term!). For three decades, he has helped people and organizations to thrive.

Lee is the author of The Immutable Laws of Living, a book about hidden laws that can hold you back, Thrive Principles, 15 strategies for thriving regardless of life events, How To Save Your Marriage in 3 Simple Steps, a guide to his 3C approach to restoring broken marriages, Recovering From The Affair, a book for couples who want to rebuild their marriage after infidelity, and the upcoming The Forgive Process, a seven step process for forgiving hurts in life.

With a conversational approach, Lee invites the reader to experience life and relationship anew, freeing them to live a more full and abundant life. His coaching helps couples and individuals find resources and strategies for moving forward. His focus is helping people to discover their source of meaning, activate their deeper purpose, and make a powerful impact in the world.

When Lee is not coaching, writing, or speaking, he enjoys his family, paddle boarding, trail running, scuba diving, and is currently trying to figure his way through the knots of jiu jitsu.

“Thank you for stopping by! We are here to live a full life and make a big difference. Let’s find our way forward together!”